Check out these 5 Ways Children Improve With Art

Art is fun. Art is creative. Art is playtime.

But did you know, art also helps children develop better social skills, sharpens their thinking, and improves their motor skills?

Did you also know that children who engage in art have more self-confidence?

Here are 5 ways that children improve their skills when they engage in art.

1. Art improves their ability to concentrate as they learn how to focus on what they are creating or painting.

2. Art improves their analytical skills when they figure out how to transform an idea into an art form.

3. Art improves their motor skills as they learn to hold a paint brushes, build with clay, or decorate crafts.

4. Art improves their listening skills as they follow directions from an art instructor.

5. Art improves their self-confidence when they finish their art projects.